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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Information RequestAddressed to "The Head Master, St. Augustine's College, Canterbury"5th January 1906Devonshire Road5802
Information RequestAddressed to "The Secretary, St.Mary's Hospital, Chichester"5th January 1906Devonshire Road5818
Information RequestAddressed to "The Driver, Locomotive No. 384, Glasgow & SW Ry, Glasgow"6th January 1906Devonshire Road5823
Information RequestAddressed to "The Harbour Master, Wick, N.B."3rd February 1906Devonshire Road5960
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, Castles Sinclair and Girnegoe, Wick, N.B."3rd February 1906Devonshire Road5961
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, Queen's Hotel, Eastbourne" 3rd February 1906Devonshire Road5983
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Beaconsfield, Bucks"3rd February 1906Devonshire Road5989
Information RequestAddressed to "The Driver, Locomotive No. 1374, G N Railway, Kings Cross Station"12th February 1906Devonshire Road6018
Autograph (WRB-4)Mr James McNally, 100 years old16th February 1906Devonshire Road6067
AutographProvost of Burntisland, Fife6th March 1906Devonshire Road6266
AutographJohn Anthony, Provost of Govan20th March 1906Devonshire Road6293
AutographCaptain Chen, Russo-Japanese War27th March 1906Devonshire Road6368
AutographAddressed to "The Mayor or Chairman of the U.D.C., Amersham, Bucks", signed by George Darlington 30th March 1906Devonshire Road6393
AutographGeneral Sir Redvers Buller7th April 1906Devonshire Road6415
Information RequestAddressed to "The Captain, S.S. Nile, c/o Royal Mail, 18 Moorgate Street, EC"25th April 1906Devonshire Road6503
AutographAddressed to "The Mayor of Bridlington"28th April 1906Devonshire Road6521
Information RequestAddressed to "The Chairman, Berhampstead UDC"2nd May 1906Devonshire Road
Autograph (WRB-4)The hoaxter Adolphe Brezet, President of the non-existent Republic of Counani 5th May 1906Devonshire Road6541
Information RequestAddressed to "The Head Master, Grange School, Grangemouth"29th June 1906Devonshire Road6751
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Great House, Vale Royal, Trelawney, Jamaica" 7th July 1906Devonshire Road6788
Information RequestAddressed to "The Driver, Locomotive No. 260, Central South African Railway, Johannesburg, S. Africa"16th July 1906Devonshire Road6836
Autograph (WRB-4)Mrs Sarah Robinso, 100 years old18th July 1906 Devonshire Road6841
AutographAlexander McMillan, British Consul, Monaco19th July 1906Devonshire Road6860
AutographAddressed to "E.J. Lennox Berkeley, Consul General, Tunis" 27th July 1906Devonshire Road6875
AutographTo "The Chief of Staff, The Prison, Exeter"1st August 1906Devonshire Road6892
Information RequestAddressed to "The Pier Master, Swanage" 12th August 1906Devonshire Road6936
Information RequestAddressed to "The Pier Master, West Pier, Brighton" 13th August 1906Devonshire Road6939
Information RequestAddressed to "The Chief Librarian, Free Library, Stoke Newington, London N" 15th August 1906Devonshire Road6942
Bottle MailThrown into the sea in a bottle - found in Denmark22nd August 1906"Father-in-Law"
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Conqueror, c/o GPO, London". Signed by the (unidentified) Captain29th August 1906Devonshire Road6980
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Blair Church (present), Blair-Atholl" 31st August 1906Devonshire Road6983
AutographSigned by John Stewart-Murray, 7th Duke of Atholl1st September 1906Devonshire Road6984
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Cornwallis, c/o GPO, London". Signed by Captain Charles H. Coke5th September 1906Devonshire Road6998
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Adel Church, Leeds"6th September 1906Devonshire Road7000
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Kentchurch Court, Herefordshire"16th September 1906Devonshire Road7071
Balloon Mail (WRB-5)Released from a Balloon - found at Petworth24th September 1906"Cousin Nellie"7084
Information RequestAddressed to "The Staion Master, LB&SCR, Bognor, Sussex"2nd October 1906Devonshire Road7116
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Holy Trinity Church, Westcott, Near Dorking"2nd October 1906Devonshire Road7121
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, Belle Vue Park, Newport, Mon"3rd October 1906Devonshire Road7146
AutographGeorge Ingleton, Actor4th October 1906 Devonshire Road7151
AutographGeorge Mozart (born David John Gillings), Music Hall star8th October 1906 Devonshire Road7222
Autograph (WRB-5)Japie Krige (Springbok)11th October 1906Devonshire Road7237
Autograph (WRB-5)Arthur Burmeister (Springbok)11th October 1906Devonshire Road7238
Information RequestAddressed to "The Curator, Chateau de Ramezay Museum, Montreal, Canada"23rd October 1906Devonshire Road7325
AutographSigned by Emerson Coatsworth, Mayor of Toronto23rd October 1906Devonshire Road7326
AutographSigned by Sir Charles Moss, Lord Chief Justice of Ontario23rd October 1906Devonshire Road7328
AutographSigned by Maurice Hutton, acting University President of the University of Toronto25th October 1906Devonshire Road7331
AutographWinifred Dennis, Actress2nd November 1906Devonshire Road7369
AutographKitty Mason, Actress2nd November 1906Devonshire Road7370
AutographDoris Beresford, Actress2nd November 1906Devonshire Road7371
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, The Olds Rovers Return Inn, Manchester"20th November 1906Devonshire Road7441
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