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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
AutographGeneral Nogi, Russo-Japanese WarJanuary 1905Devonshire Road4680
Information RequestSent by the Keeper of Cranbrook Castle on 15th Jan 19044th January 1905Devonshire Road4661
Information RequestAddressed to "The Chief Resident, House Marked X, Chiddingstone, Kent"4th January 1905Devonshire Road4662
Information RequestAddressed to "The Captain, Columba Steamer, Greenock"30th January 1905Devonshire Road4768
Information RequestAddressed to "The Head Master, Howell's School"4th February 1905 Devonshire Road4797
Information RequestAddressed to "The Driver, Rob Roy Highland Coach, Trossachs"10th February 1905Devonshire Road4821
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Carlyle's House, Ecclefechan"15th February 1905Devonshire Road4847
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Fair Maid's House, Perth"16th February 1905Devonshire Road4849
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, St. Mary's Church, Dover"17th February 1905Devonshire Road4856
Information RequestAddressed to "The Mayor of Huddersfield", signed by Benjamin Broadbent10th March 1905Devonshire Road4890
Information RequestAddressed to "The Mayor of Halifax", signed by Enoch Robinson11th March 1905Devonshire Road4907
Information RequestAddressed to "The Harbour Master, Ramsgate"16th March 1905Devonshire Road4914
Information RequestAddressed to "The Head Master, The College, Clifton, nr Bristol"16th March 1905Devonshire Road4915
AutographRear Admiral Aritsura Arai, Russo-Japanese War27th March 1905Devonshire Road4945
Information RequestAddressed to "The Station Master, Euston Station"30th March 1905Devonshire Road4956
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, Leith Hill Monument, via Holmwood, Surrey"5th April 1905Devonshire Road4970
Information RequestAddressed to "The Station Master, Liverpool Station"6th April 1905Devonshire Road4973
Information RequestSigned by the Captain of the Argentinian Training Ship, "Presidento Sarmiento"April 1905Devonshire Road4995
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, St. Peter's Church, Walthamstow"18th April 1905Devonshire Road5019
Information RequestAddressed to "The Chief Minister, Wesleyan Church, Tenterden"24th April 1905Devonshire Road5036
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, Pennard Castle, Glamorgan, S. Wales"2nd May 1905Devonshire Road5054
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Wilberforce House, Hull"3rd May 1905Devonshire Road5057
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Old Ice House, Tenby"6th May 1905Devonshire Road5065
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner of the House (per photo x), Sheep Street, Stratford on Avon"8th May 1905Devonshire Road5077
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, The Csstle, Carlisle"13th May 1905Devonshire Road5083
AutographVice Admiral Kataoka, Russo-Japanese War6th June 1905Devonshire Road5157
AutographAddressed to "The Mayor of Skipton"17th June 1905Devonshire Road5175
AutographMargaret Clement Scott, Journalist and Theatre Critic11th July 1905 Devonshire Road5269
Autograph (WRB-4)Rear Admiral Leygues, French Fleet12th July 1905Devonshire Road5274
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, St. Osyth's Priory, Clacton-on-Sea"5th August 1905Devonshire Road5352
AutographAddressed to "The Mayor of Dewsbury" - Major Chaley Fox6th September 1905Devonshire Road5419
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Parish Church, Greenwich"9th September 1905Devonshire Road5435
Information RequestAddressed to "The Pier Master, Blackpool"11th September 1905Devonshire Road5444
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Parish Curch, Gramere RSO, Westmorland"11th September 1905Devonshire Road5445
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Triumph, c/o GPO, London". Signed by Captain Frederick E.E. Brock16th September 1905Devonshire Road5467
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Donegal, c/o GPO, London". Signed by Captain Herbert A.S. Fyler16th September 1905Devonshire Road5468
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Russell, c/o GPO, London". Signed by Captain T. Martyn Jerram19th September 1905Devonshire Road5477
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Fame, c/o GPO, London". Signed by the (unidentified) Captain20th September 1905Devonshire Road5488
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Leviathan, c/o GPO, London". Signed by Captain Edwin Sinclair Alexander-Sinclair21st September 1905Devonshire Road5497
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Niobe, c/o GPO, London". Unsigned21st September 1905Devonshire Road5499
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, King's Oak Hotel, Epping Forest, Essex"26th September 1905Devonshire Road5512
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Parish Church, High Beech, Epping Forest"26th September 1905Devonshire Road5513
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Talbot, c/o GPO, London". Signed by the (unidentified) Captain27th September 1905Devonshire Road5521
AutographSigned by Hugh Fortesque W. Gwatkin, Mayor of Poole 6th October 1905Devonshire Road5544
AutographSigned by Frank Lewis Emanuel, artist of the picture.14th October 1905Devonshire Road5558
Information RequestAddressed to "The Head Mistress, Newnham College, Cambridge". signed by Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick17th October 1905Devonshire Road5567
AutographAddressed to "The Mayor of Sunderland", signed by Frederick Foster.13th November 1905Devonshire Road5644
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Oak Cottage, Freshwater, I.O.W"13th November 1905Devonshire Road5649
AutographAddressed to "The Mayor of Scarborough", signed by William Hastings Fowler.17th November 1905Devonshire Road5666
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Bedford, c/o GPO, London". Signed by Captain Ernest Sausmarez Carey28th November 1905Devonshire Road5680
Information RequestAddressed to "The Members of the Motor Fire Engine Brigade"28th November 1905 Devonshire Road5681
Information RequestAddressed to "The Driver, Locomotive No. 11, G&SWR"13th December 1905 Devonshire Road5705
Information RequestAddressed to "The Driver, Locomotive No. 54, LT & SR"13th December 1905 Devonshire Road5706
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Hughenden Church, High Wycombe, Bucks"14th December 1905Devonshire Road5709
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