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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
AutographSir Dan Godfrey, Conductor23rd January 1932Queen's Garth18558
Autograph (WRB-11b)Louis Levitus, Western Studio Orchestra23rd January 1932Queen's Garth18563
Autograph (WRB-11b)Jack Harris, Bandleader23rd January 1932Queen's Garth18565
Autograph (WRB-11b)Nikolai Malko, Conductor1st February 1932Queen's Garth18600
Autograph (WRB-11c)Albert Sandler, Orchestra Leader5th February 1932Queen's Garth18606
Autograph (WRB-11b)Cicely Courtneidge15th February 1932Queen's Garth18632
Autograph (WRB-11b)Esdwin S. Cunningham, U.S. Consul to Shanghai20th February 1932Queen's Garth18645
Autograph (WRB-11b)Leonard Henry27th February 1932Queen's Garth18660
Autograph (WRB-11b)Ernst von Born, Finnish Minister1st March 1932Queen's Garth18665
Autograph (WRB-11b)General Cai Tingkai, Commander of Chinese 19th Route Army2nd March 1932Queen's Garth18669
Autograph (WRB-11b)General Chaing Kwang-nai, Nominal Commander-in-Chief of Chinese 19th Army5th March 1932Queen's Garth18683
Autograph (WRB-11b)Burton Gillis, Dance Band musician5th March 1932Queen's Garth18688
Autograph (WRB-11c)Artur Schnabel, Austrian Classical Pianist15th March 1932Queen's Garth18713
Autograph (WRB-11c)Arthur Prince, Ventriloquist19th March 1932Queen's Garth18716
Autograph (WRB-11a)Jack Hylton, Bance Band Leader26th March 1932Queen's Garth18762
Autograph (WRB-11a)Anna Neagle28th March 1932Queen's Garth18764
Autograph (WRB-11a)Max Miller2nd April 1932Queen's Garth18769
Autograph (WRB-11a)Jack Buchanan, Actor, Director and Producer2nd April 1932Queen's Garth18771
Autograph (WRB-11a)Claude Hulbert, Actor8th April 1932Queen's Garth18782
Autograph (WRB-11a)Diana Manners, Socialite and Actress18th April 1932Queen's Garth18799
Autograph (WRB-11b)Dame Moura Lympany, Concert Pianist2nd May 1932Queen's Garth18845
Autograph (WRB-11b)Roland Young, Actor12th May 1932Queen's Garth18864
Autograph (WRB-11d)Franz Von Papen, Chancellor of Germany18th June 1932 Queen's Garth18918
Autograph (WRB-11c)Ronald Frankan, Actor9th July 1932Queen's Garth18950
Autograph (WRB-11c)Douglas Robert Jardine, "Bodyline" Cricketer9th July 1932Queen's Garth18957/19053
Autograph (WRB-11c)Frederick Richard Brown, England Cricketer9th July 1932Queen's Garth18959/19051
Autograph (WRB-11c)Hedley Verity, Cricketer13th July 1932Queen's Garth18965
Autograph (WRB-11d)Harry Gordon, Scottish Entertainer15th July 1932Queen's Garth18971
Autograph (WRB-11d)Dr Bracht, Nazi - Mayor of Essen22nd July 1932Queen's Garth18988
Autograph (WRB-11d)General Rundstedt, Top Nazi - German Field-Marshall22nd July 1932 Queen's Garth18989
Autograph (WRB-11d)Arthure D Cole, Musical Director22nd July 1932Queen's Garth18992
Autograph (WRB-11d)Henry Brian Darbishire, Boy who flew home from school26th July 1932Queen's Garth18998
Autograph (WRB-11d)Charles Shadwell, Musical Director30th July 1932Queen's Garth19020
Autograph (WRB-11d)Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the London Midland Scottish Railway6th September 1932Queen's Garth19076
Autograph (WRB-11d)Irene Scharrer, English Classical Pianist8th October 1932Queen's Garth19106
Autograph (WRB-11d)Harriet Cohen, Pianist8th October 1932Queen's Garth19107
Autograph (WRB-11d)Harold Lloyd8th October 1932Queen's Garth19111
Autograph (WRB-11d)Ivan Maisky, Soviet Ambassador to London9th November 1932Queen's Garth19150
Autograph (WRB-11d)Paul Whiteman, American Jazz Band Leader12th November 1932Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-11c)Norman Stewart, Band Leader28th December 1932Queen's Garth19230
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