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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Autograph (WRB-11c)Betty Humby1st January 1933Queen's Garth19234
Autograph (WRB-11c)Pierre Monteux, Orchestra Conductor15th January 1933Queen's Garth19272
Autograph (WRB-11c)Erwin Wassner, German U-Boat Captain15th January 1933Queen's Garth19275
Autograph (WRB-11c)Bud Flanagan31st January 1933Queen's Garth19827
Autograph (WRB-11c)Chesney Allen31st January 1933Queen's Garth19828
Autograph (WRB-11c)Walter Wilson Cobbett, Editor of "Cobbett's Cyclopedic Survey of Chamber Music"1st February 1933Queen's Garth19292
Autograph (WRB-11c)Harry Roy, Band Leader3rd February 1933Queen's Garth19294
Autograph (WRB-11c)Norman Baillie-Stewart, Traitor18th February 1933 Queen's Garth19318
Autograph (WRB-11d)Compton Mackenzie, Author20th February 1933Queen's Garth19339
Autograph (WRB-11d)Yosuka Matsuoka, Japanese Foreign Minister25th February 1933 Queen's Garth19345
Autograph (WRB-11d)Adrian Boult25th February 1933Queen's Garth19353
Autograph (WRB-11d)William Rees, Cinematographer18th March 1933Queen's Garth19370
Autograph (WRB-11d)R M Hughes, Artist22nd March 1933Queen's Garth19373
Autograph (WRB-11d)Doris Waters, Radio and Stage Double Act25th March 1933Queen's Garth19390
Autograph (WRB-11d)Elsie Waters, Radio and Stage Double Act25th March 1933Queen's Garth19391
Autograph (WRB-11d)Leonard Henry25th March 1933Queen's Garth19393
Autograph (WRB-11d)Charles Coburn25th March 1933Queen's Garth19396
Autograph (WRB-11d)Harry S Pepper, Actor, Writer, Composer14th April 1933Queen's Garth19421
Autograph (WRB-11d)Bert Ambrose, Band Leader14th April 1933Queen's Garth19424
Autograph (WRB-11d)Jeanne de Casalis, Actress15th April 1933 Queen's Garth19432
Autograph (WRB-11d)Jesse Crawford, Pianist and Organist22nd April 1933Queen's Garth19477
Autograph (WRB-11d)Orestes Ferrara, Cuban Politician17th June 1933Queen's Garth19579
Autograph (WRB-11d)Dr H Afifa17th June 1933Queen's Garth19582
Autograph (WRB-11d)Thamar Karsavina, Dancer17th June 1933Queen's Garth19601
Autograph (WRB-11d)Arthure Cole, Conductor24th June 1933Queen's Garth19624
Autograph (WRB-11d)Alice Nikitina, Russian Dancer and Opera Singer1st July 1933Queen's Garth19626
Autograph (WRB-11d)Tamara Tournanova, Film Star1st July 1933Queen's Garth19627
Autograph (WRB-11d)Laura La Plante, US Silent Movie Actress1st July 1933Queen's Garth19630
Autograph (WRB-11d)W Harry Gabb, Organist1st July 1933Queen's Garth19636
Autograph (WRB-11d)Anton Dolin1933Queen's Garth19638
Autograph (WRB-11d)Sir Sydney Hugo Nicholson, Choir Director and Composer15th July 1933Queen's Garth19676
Autograph (WRB-11d)Raymond Newell, Baritone15th July 1933Queen's Garth19680
Autograph (WRB-11d)Mark Raphael, Baritone15th July 1933Queen's Garth19690
Autograph (WRB-11d)May Mukie, Cellist22nd July 1933Queen's Garth19721
Autograph (WRB-11d)Marie Wilson, Violinist22nd July 1933Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-11d)Trefor Jones, Tenor22nd July 1933Queen's Garth19724
Autograph (WRB-11d)Andre Mangeot, Violinist22nd July 1933Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-11d)Dorothea Helmrich, Chamber Music Singer29th July 1933Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-11d)William Busch, Pianist5th August 1933Queen's Garth19785
Autograph (WRB-11d)Sydney Baynes, Band Leader5th August 1933Queen's Garth19796
Autograph (WRB-11d)Sinclair Logan5th August 1933Queen's Garth19807
Autograph (WRB-11d)General Hure, French Foreign Legion5th August 1933Queen's Garth19820
AutographHitler rejection letter11th August 1933Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-11d)Vera Macho(a)nachie, Singer12th August 1933Queen's Garth19843
Autograph (WRB-11d)Gueida Walker, Singer12th August 1933Queen's Garth19844
Autograph (WRB-11d)Trefor Jones23rd August 1933Queen's Garth19860
Autograph (WRB-11d)Montague Philips, Composer23rd August 1933Queen's Garth19862
Autograph (WRB-11d)Gerald Moore, Pianist29th August 1933Queen's Garth19873
Autograph (WRB-11d)Bud Flanagan, Entertainer6th September 1933Queen's Garth19887
Autograph (WRB-11d)Chesney Allen, Entertainer6th September 1933Queen's Garth19888
Autograph (WRB-11d)Henry Bronkhurst, Pianist and Trio Leader15th September 1933Queen's Garth19898
Autograph (WRB-11d)Mantovani, Conductor15th September 1933Queen's Garth19900
Autograph (WRB-11d)Owen Bryngwyn, Singer16th September 1933Queen's Garth19927
Autograph (WRB-11d)Michael Head, Composer, Pianist, Organist and Singer16th September 1933Queen's Garth19934
Autograph (WRB-11d)Henry Wendon, Actor and Opera Singer16th September 1933Queen's Garth19953
Autograph (WRB-11d)Clifford Curzon, Pianist16th September 1933Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-11d)Alice Maydue, Music Hall Star25th September 1933Queen's Garth19987
Autograph (WRB-11d)Peggy Ashcroft2nd October 1933Queen's Garth20003
Autograph (WRB-11d)Alfredo Campoli, Violinist7th October 1933Queen's Garth20055
Autograph (WRB-11d)Editha Braham, Violinist9th October 1933Queen's Garth20063
Autograph (WRB-11d)Hilda Blake, Soprano9th October 1933Queen's Garth20065
Autograph (WRB-11d)Florence Austral, Soprano9th October 1933Queen's Garth20073
Autograph (WRB-11d)Marius B Winter, Band Leader14th October 1933Queen's Garth20093
Autograph (WRB-11d)Phyllis Murdock24th October 1933Queen's Garth20142
Autograph (WRB-12)Reginald Paul, Pianist4th November 1933Queen's Garth20191
Autograph (WRB-12)Maurice Cole, Pianist7th November 1933Queen's Garth20213
Autograph (WRB-12)Betty Bolton, Actress (including early TV)23rd November 1933Queen's Garth20274
Autograph (WRB-12)Esther Coleman, Contralto23rd November 1933Queen's Garth20290
Autograph (WRB-12)Ernest W Goss, Musical Director25th November 1933Queen's Garth20297
Autograph (WRB-12)David Manners, Hollywood Actor28th November 1933Queen's Garth20307
Autograph (WRB-11d)Arthur Askey, Comedian28th November 1933Queen's Garth20320
Autograph (WRB-12)H C Biard, Pilot (won the Schneider Trophy in 1922)30th November 1933Queen's Garth20326
Autograph (WRB-12)Sinclair Logan, Baritone2nd December 1933Queen's Garth20338
Autograph (WRB-12)Philip Bertram, Baritone16th December 1933Queen's Garth20431
Autograph (WRB-12)Bransby Williams, Actor25th December 1933Queen's Garth20449
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