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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Autograph (WRB-12)Peers Coetmore, Cellist6th January 1934Queen's Garth20487
Autograph (WRB-12)Raymond Newell, Singer20th January 1934Queen's Garth20520
Autograph (WRB-12)William Heseltine, Tenor31st January 1934Queen's Garth20543
Autograph (WRB-12)Robert Easton, Singer31st January 1934Queen's Garth20547
Autograph (WRB-12)Edwige Bergeron, Violincello player31st January 1934Queen's Garth20555
Autograph (WRB-12)George Ellis, Entertainer2nd February 1934Queen's Garth20574
Autograph (WRB-12)Lloyd Powell2nd February 1934Queen's Garth20575
Autograph (WRB-12)Gladys Pack12th February 1934Queen's Garth20623
Autograph (WRB-12)Alec Rowley, Composer17th February 1934Queen's Garth20637
Autograph (WRB-12)Claude Dampier, Comedian10th March 1934Queen's Garth20713
Autograph (WRB-12)Victor Hely-Hutchinson, Composer10th March 1934Queen's Garth20719
Autograph (WRB-12)Charles Heslop, Actor12th March 1934Queen's Garth20723
Autograph (WRB-12)Doris V Burns, Contralto12th March 1934Queen's Garth20725
Autograph (WRB-12)Louis Dare12th March 1934Queen's Garth20726
Autograph (WRB-12)Walter Barker, Entertainer17th March 1934Queen's Garth20744
Autograph (WRB-12)T E Robinson, Organist24th March 1934Queen's Garth20764
Autograph (WRB-12)Hal Swain, Dance Band Leader24th March 1934Queen's Garth20791
Autograph (WRB-12)Webster Booth, Singer and Actor24th March 1934Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-12)Reginald Purdell, Actor10th April 1934Queen's Garth20838
Autograph (WRB-12)Rosina Verne, Contralro10th April 1934Queen's Garth20840
Autograph (WRB-12)Robin Hood (I kid you not!)11th April 1934Queen's Garth20843
Autograph (WRB-12)Ernst Slaney, Cellist14th April 1934Queen's Garth20850
Autograph (WRB-12)Alfredo Campoli, Violinist14th April 1934Queen's Garth20864
Autograph (WRB-12)Leslie Jeffries, Orchestra Leader21st April 1934Queen's Garth20878
Autograph (WRB-12)Lou Preager, Band Leader25th April 1934Queen's Garth20889
Autograph (WRB-12)Edith Penville, Flautist28th April 1934Queen's Garth20913
Autograph (WRB-12)Wilfrid Southworth, Organist30th April 1934Queen's Garth20978
Autograph (WRB-12)H Percy Richardson, Organist6th May 1934Queen's Garth20992
Autograph (WRB-12)David Bayne, Organist18th May 1934Queen's Garth21046
Autograph (WRB-12)Vivienne Chatterton, Actress26th May 1934Queen's Garth21070/111
Autograph (WRB-12)Harry Gordon, Scottish Entertainer2nd June 1934Queen's Garth21105
Autograph (WRB-12)Olive Sturgess, Soprano2nd June 1934Queen's Garth21107
Autograph (WRB-12)Philip Wade, Radio Actor2nd June 1934Queen's Garth21110
Autograph (WRB-12)Eva Turner2nd June 1934Queen's Garth21117
Autograph (WRB-12)Nancy Phillips, Violincello Player18th June 1934Queen's Garth21181
Autograph (WRB-12)Anne MacNaughton, Violinist23rd June 1934Queen's Garth21236
Autograph (WRB-12)Alfred Batts, Organist29th June 1934Queen's Garth21263
Autograph (WRB-12)Lucia Valerio, Great Italian Lady Tennis Star30th June 1934Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-12)A E Wenham, Worked for same company for 64 years9th July 1934Queen's Garth21286
Autograph (WRB-12)Peers Coetmore, Violincello Player9th July 1934Queen's Garth21307
Autograph (WRB-12)Jerry Verno, Actor9th July 1934Queen's Garth21317
Autograph (WRB-12)Lucy Verion, Oldest Lady to Fly1934Queen's Garth21318
Autograph (WRB-12)James Sutherland, Pipe-Major14th July 1934Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-12)John S Faulkes, Oboe Player21st July 1934Queen's Garth21373
AutographHitler (rejection letter)27th July 1934Queen's Garth21386
Autograph (WRB-12)W Wilkinson28th July 1934Queen's Garth21427
Autograph (WRB-12)Edward Leer, Tenor1st August 1934Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-12)Thomas Halford, Organist4th August 1934Queen's Garth21539
Autograph (WRB-12)Irene Kohler, Pianoforte4th August 1934Queen's Garth21545
Autograph (WRB-12)Gisela Mauermayer, German Pentathlon Olympic Gold Winner6th August 1934Queen's Garth21547
Autograph (WRB-12)H Percy Richardson, Organist18th August 1934Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-12)Boris Hambourg, Cellist18th August 1934Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-12)Cyril Pearce, Organist24th August 1934Queen's Garth21650
AutographHitler request - if at first you don't succeed....25th August 1934Queen's Garth21652
Autograph (WRB-12)Albert Sammons, Violinist1st September 1934Queen's Garth21705
Autograph (WRB-12)Felix Aylmer29th September 1934Queen's Garth21818
Autograph (WRB-12)Robert Speaight, Actor1934Queen's Garth21834
Autograph (WRB-12)Adele Dixon, Actress3rd October 1934Queen's Garth21836
Autograph (WRB-12)13 Autographs5th October 1934Queen's Garth21841
Autograph (WRB-12)Joyce Barbour, Actress15th October 1934Queen's Garth21932
Autograph (WRB-12)Herbert Wiseman, Musical Director15th October 1934Queen's Garth21951
Autograph (WRB-12)Muriel G Kemp, Pianoforte20th October 1934Queen's Garth21984
Autograph (WRB-12)Herman Brearley, Organist20th October 1934Queen's Garth22002
Autograph (WRB-12)Cuthbert Kelly, Singer22nd October 1934Queen's Garth22007
AutographHitler rejection letter6th November 1934Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-12)George Allison, Manager of Arsenal FC10th November 1934Queen's Garth22144
Autograph (WRB-12)Lisan Kay, Ballet Dancer, married to .....14th November 1934Queen's Garth22179
Autograph (WRB-12)Yeichi Nimura, Ballet Dancer14th November 1934Queen's Garth22180
Autograph (WRB-12)Beryl Orde, Impressionist17th November 1934Queen's Garth22191
Autograph (WRB-12)Terence de Marney, Radio Actor (first to play "The Saint")17th November 1934Queen's Garth22196
Autograph (WRB-12)Paul Beard, Violinist20th November 1934Queen's Garth22227
Autograph (WRB-12)Effie Atherton, Actress27th November 1934Queen's Garth22308
Autograph (WRB-12)Austin Trevor, Actor27th November 1934Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-12)A Gilles, General Manager, Savoy Hotel5th December 1934Queen's Garth22387
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