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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Autograph (WRB-11b)David de Groot, Conductor of the Picadilly Orchestra9th April 1925Queen's Garth16625
Autograph (WRB-11b)L.M. Snow19th June 1925Queen's Garth16690
AutographJack Hobbs, Cricketer16th June 1925Queen's Garth16680
Autograph (WRB-11b)Jean Borotra, Tennis Star22nd June 1925Queen's Garth16693
Autograph (WRB-11b)T.C. Newsom25th August 1925Queen's Garth16715
Autograph (WRB-11b)Maria Newsom25th August 1925Queen's Garth16716
Autograph (WRB-11b)General Primo de Rivera, Spanish Prime Minister and Dictator10th September 1925Queen's Garth16719
Autograph (WRB-11b)C.M. Haring26th September 1925Queen's Garth16733
Autograph (WRB-11b)Iris Rickaby, Jockey and mother of Lester Piggott10th October 1925Queen's Garth16742
Autograph (WRB-11b)Austen Chamberlain, Senior Statesman and Nobel Prize Winner17th October 1925Queen's Garth16745
Autograph (WRB-11b)Vittorio Scialoja, Italian Foreign Minister20th November 1925Queen's Garth16770
Autograph (WRB-11b)W.J. Lewis, Assistant Keepr, Godrevy Lighthouse2nd January 1926Queen's Garth16771
Autograph (WRB-11b)G Musselwhite7th January 1926Queen's Garth16773
Autograph (WRB-11b)Otto G Wilke5th February 1926Queen's Garth16808
Autograph (WRB-11b)Ethel Langton, St Helen's Lighthouse heroine24th March 1926Queen's Garth16825
Autograph (WRB-11b)William Crozier, World Record holder for being a miner27th March 1926Queen's Garth16826
Autograph (WRB-11b)H Fellows2nd April 1926Queen's Garth16829
Autograph (WRB-11b)Herbert Barker, manipulative surgeon21st April 1926Queen's Garth16858
Autograph (WRB-11b)Dorothy Mills, Author26th April 1926Queen's Garth16920
Autograph (WRB-11b)Betty Hushall19th June 1926Queen's Garth16925
Autograph (WRB-11b)Ruth Draper, American Dramatist21st June 1926Queen's Garth16934
Autograph (WRB-11b)Perrier, French Colonial Minister29th July 1926Queen's Garth16939
Autograph (WRB-11b)APF Crapman, Cricketer9th August 1926Queen's Garth16962
Autograph (WRB-11b)Frank Woolley, Cricketer9th August 1926Queen's Garth16968
Autograph (WRB-11b)Charles Granville Bruce, Leader of 1926 Everest Expedition31st August 1926Queen's Garth16979
Autograph (WRB-11b)Madame d'Alessandri, Ballet Teacher 18th September 1926Queen's Garth16991
Autograph (WRB-11b)Earl of Lonsdale9th April 1927Queen's Garth17074
Autograph (WRB-11b)Horatio Bottomley, Financier, MP and Swindler9th August 1927Queen's Garth17156
Autograph (WRB-11b)Ivy Gill, Swam the English Channel14th October 1927Queen's Garth17226
Autograph (WRB-11b)Thomas M Crowe, Fireman27th February 1928Queen's Garth17253
Autograph (WRB-11b)Sonja Henie, Ice Skater7th March 1928Queen's Garth17259
Autograph (WRB-11b)Whimsical Walker, Clown6th July 1928Queen's Garth17359
Autograph (WRB-11b)Andre Citroen, Founder of Citroen Cars13th August 1928Queen's Garth17388
Autograph (WRB-11b)Jenny Dolly, Dolly Sisters Dance Act17th August 1928Queen's Garth17390
Autograph (WRB-11b)Stanley Hewett, Apothecary to Queen Victoria1st December 1928Queen's Garth17445
Autograph (WRB-11b)Jean Michel Renaitour, French Politician23rd February 1929Queen's Garth17509
Autograph (WRB-11b)Anna May Wong, Chinese-American Actress1st March 1929Queen's Garth17528
Autograph (WRB-11b)Peter Godfrey, Actor2nd March 1929Queen's Garth17530
Autograph (WRB-11b)Grace Drummond-Hay, Reporter25th March 1929Queen's Garth17545
Autograph (WRB-11c)Hilda Booth, Lady Taxi Driver 1st November 1929Queen's Garth17836
Autograph (WRB-11c)Major Percy Hansen, Danish Recipient of the Victoria Cross4th November 1929Queen's Garth17844
Autograph (WRB-11c)Edward James Gibson Holland, Canadian Recipient of the Victoria Cross4th November 1929Queen's Garth17849
Autograph (WRB-11c)William Waterlow, Lord Mayor of London9th November 1929Queen's Garth17860
Autograph (WRB-11c)Philip Yale Drew ("Young Buffalo"), Actor and Murder Suspect11th November 1929Queen's Garth17861
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