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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Autograph (WRB-13)Helen Haye, Actress9th January 1937Queen's Garth26668
Autograph (WRB-13)Walter Dellekarth, Skier9th January 1937Queen's Garth26679
Autograph (WRB-13)Malcolm McEachern, Jetsam in "Flotsam and Jetsam" - Singer9th January 1937Queen's Garth26689
Autograph (WRB-13)Cyril Livingstone, Actor9th January 1937Queen's Garth26695
Autograph (WRB-13)K Cameron23rd January 1937Queen's Garth26781
Autograph (WRB-14)Lu Anne Meredith, Actress12th February 1937Queen's Garth26880
Autograph (WRB-14)D Hay Petrie, Actor12th February 1937Queen's Garth26885
Autograph (WRB-14)Louis Borel, Dutch Actor1st March 1937Queen's Garth26950
Autograph (WRB-14)Vera Brittain, Author9th March 1937Queen's Garth27005
Autograph (WRB-14)Will Collinson, Actor15th March 1937Queen's Garth27069
Autograph (WRB-14)Joyce Barbour, Actress15th March 1937Queen's Garth27073
Autograph (WRB-14)Diane Raye, Strip-Tease Artiste23rd March 1937Queen's Garth27164
Autograph (WRB-14)G Savidge, Bus Conductor Trainer5th April 1937Queen's Garth27183
Autograph (WRB-14)Masaki Linuma, Divine Wind Pilot8th April 1937 Queen's Garth27199
Autograph (WRB-14)Masaki Linuma, Divine Wind Pilot8th April 1937Queen's Garth27200
Autograph (WRB-14)Kenji Tsukagoshi, Divine Wind Navigator8th April 1937Queen's Garth27201
Autograph (WRB-14)Kenji Tsukagoshi, Divine Wind Navigator8th April 1937Queen's Garth27202
Autograph (WRB-14)Noel Odell, British Explorer - Mallory Everest Expedition10th April 1937Queen's Garth27209
Autograph (WRB-13)Margaret Croft "Peggy" Scriven, Top Tennis Player - Wimbledon, Paris, Wightman Cup17th April 1937Queen's Garth27241
Autograph (WRB-14)Olive Fox, Music Hall Star - Married to Clarkson Rose19th April 1937Queen's Garth27258
Autograph (WRB-14)Clarkson Rose, Music Hall Star - Married to Olive Fox19th April 1937Queen's Garth27259
Autograph (WRB-14)Sawai Man Singh II, Maharajah of Jaipur23rd April 1937 Queen's Garth27329
Autograph (WRB-14)Eric Wild, BBC TV Band25th April 1937Queen's Garth27351
Autograph (WRB-14)Victor Silvester25th April 1937Queen's Garth27361
Autograph (WRB-14)Sybil Evers, Opera Singer, Wife of Harold Abrahams 27th April 1937Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-14)Ellen Pollock, Actress1st May 1937Queen's Garth27390
AutographGillie Potter, Radio Broadcaster11th May 1937Queen's Garth27470
Autograph (WRB-14)E J Radcliffe, Actor13th May 1937Queen's Garth27508
Autograph (WRB-14)Laurence Olivier15th May 1937Queen's Garth27525
Autograph (WRB-14)General Werner von Blomberg, Top german General - ousted by Himmler and Goering22nd May 1937Queen's Garth27593
Autograph (WRB-14)Googie Withers5th June 1937Queen's Garth27681
Autograph (WRB-14)Cyril Burt, Psychologist5th June 1937Queen's Garth27690
Autograph (WRB-14)Barbara Howard19th June 1937Queen's Garth27750
AutographAvril Coleridge-Taylor, Singer, Author, Daughter of Samel C-T1937Queen's Garth27831
Autograph (WRB-15)Richard Henry Mallett, Cricketer (MCC)31st July 1937Queen's Garth28104
Autograph (WRB-15)Baron Ponsonby of Shulbrede, Politician31st July 1937Queen's Garth28107
Autograph (WRB-15)Robertson Hare, Actor ("Oh Calamity")31st July 1937Queen's Garth28104/28238
Autograph (WRB-15)Tom W Blower, Channel Swimmer5th August 1937Queen's Garth28130
Autograph (WRB-15)Tom W Blower, Channel Swimmer5th August 1937Queen's Garth28131
Autograph (WRB-15)William George Bailey27th August 1937Queen's Garth28177
Autograph (WRB-15)Admiral Salsa, Italian Naval Officer4th September 1937Queen's Garth28331
Autograph (WRB-15)Governor of Pennsylvania4th October 1937Queen's Garth28370
Autograph (WRB-15)Marie Wiilson, American Actress9th October 1937Queen's Garth28555
Autograph (WRB-15)Carroll Levis, Talent Spotter and Broadcaster12th October 1937Queen's Garth28560
Autograph (WRB-15)Jean Muir, American Actress22nd October 1937Queen's Garth28607
Autograph (WRB-15)Gilbert Bailey23rd October 1937Queen's Garth28618
Autograph (WRB-15)Guy Lombardo6th November 1937Queen's Garth28716
Autograph (WRB-15)Austin Trevor, Actor6th November 1937Queen's Garth28726
Autograph (WRB-15)Terence de Marney, Radio Actor (first to play "The Saint")6th November 1937Queen's Garth28727
Autograph (WRB-15)Louise Hampton, Actress6th November 1937Queen's Garth28728
Autograph (WRB-15)Peggy Cochrane, Musician15th November 1937Queen's Garth28764
Autograph (WRB-15)Florence Davies Jones15th November 1937Queen's Garth28773
Autograph (WRB-15)H J Edwards20th November 1937Queen's Garth28793
Autograph (WRB-15)Gracie West, Comedienne20th November 1937Queen's Garth28820
Autograph (WRB-15)Ethel Revnell, Comedienne20th November 1937Queen's Garth28821
Autograph (WRB-15)Diana Doveton27th November 1937Queen's Garth28888
Autograph (WRB-15)Nora Swinburne, Actress27th November 1937Queen's Garth28893
Autograph (WRB-15)Madame Prunier, Chef and Cook Book Author4th December 1937Queen's Garth28946
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