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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Autograph (WRB-12)Arthur Greiser, ardent Nazi who became President of the Free City of Danzig in 193425th January 1936Queen's Garth24749
Autograph (WRB-12)General Aldo Pellegrini, Accompanied Prince of Piedmont (Umberto) to London28th January 1936Queen's Garth24761
Autograph (WRB-12)E J Parnell29th January 1936Queen's Garth24774
Autograph (WRB-12)Vice Admiral Hjalmar Rechmitzer, Commander-in-Chief of Danish Naval Defence1st February 1936Queen's Garth24799
Autograph (WRB-12)Johan Laidoner, Commander-in-Chief of Estonian Army1st February 1936Queen's Garth24801
Autograph (WRB-12)A Scmidt, probably at the 1936 Naval Conference1st February 1936Queen's Garth24802
Autograph (WRB-12)Don Agustin Edwards, Chilean Ambassador1st February 1936Queen's Garth24812
Autograph (WRB-12)Don Luis Adolfo Renard, Counsellor of Chilean Embassy1st February 1936Queen's Garth24815
Autograph (WRB-12)Don Carlos Manual Pereira, Secretary of Chilean Embassy1st February 1936Queen's Garth24816
Autograph (WRB-12)Don Alberto Phillips1st February 1936Queen's Garth24817
Autograph (WRB-12)Rear Admiral Don Calixto Rogers, Chilean Armed Forces1st February 1936Queen's Garth24818
Autograph (WRB-12)Don Francisco Beduneau, Chilean Naval Attache1st February 1936Queen's Garth24819
Autograph (WRB-12)Helen Boughton-Leigh, Skier7th February 1936Queen's Garth24828
Autograph (WRB-12)Jeanette Kessler, Skier7th February 1936Queen's Garth24829
Autograph (WRB-12)Ben Morgan, Actor8th February 1936Queen's Garth24834
Autograph (WRB-12)Baron von Neurath8th February 1936Queen's Garth24849
Autograph (WRB-12)Vice Admiral Alwin-Broder Albrecht, Attended Funeral of King George V8th February 1936Queen's Garth24852
Autograph (WRB-12)Jean-Charles Legrand, French Defence Counsel18th February 1936Queen's Garth24880
Autograph (WRB-12)Stasys Lozoratis, Lithuanian Diplomat20th February 1936Queen's Garth24885
Autograph (WRB-12)General Tallat-Kelspa, Attended Funeral of King George V20th February 1936Queen's Garth24886
Autograph (WRB-12)Bradbridge White, Tenor21st February 1936Queen's Garth24903
Autograph (WRB-12)Raymond Huntley, Actor22nd February 1936Queen's Garth24919
Autograph (WRB-12)George MacDonald, Cantic(k) Head Lighthouse Keeper22nd February 1936 Queen's Garth24923
Autograph (WRB-12)Vernon Adcock, Musician25th February 1936Queen's Garth24925
Autograph (WRB-12)A W Hanson11th March 1936Queen's Garth24962
Autograph (WRB-12)Henry Cyphus, Organist?14th March 1936Queen's Garth24978
AutographLeslie Weston, Actor31st March 1936Queen's Garth25003
Autograph (WRB-12)Roland Hyatt31st March 1936Queen's Garth25045
Autograph (WRB-12)Edith Way7th April 1936Queen's Garth25076
Autograph (WRB-12)H A Bate, Organist14th April 1936Queen's Garth25095
Autograph (WRB-12)Alice O'Way16th April 1936Queen's Garth25116
Autograph (WRB-12)Ella McConnell25th April 1936Queen's Garth25160
Autograph (WRB-12)Princess Nina Mdivani, Georgian Princess - Married Son of Arthur Conan Doyle7th May 1936Queen's Garth25190
Autograph (WRB-12)Albert Bodard, French Envoy to Ethiopia9th May 1936Queen's Garth25198
Autograph (WRB-12)Madame Bodard, Wife of Albert Bodard9th May 1936Queen's Garth25199
Autograph (WRB-12)Marshall Badoglio, Italy/Abyssinia. Replaced Mussolini as Prime Minster of Italy9th May 1936Queen's Garth25206
Autograph (WRB-12)Joe Kirkham, Musician9th May 1936Queen's Garth25215
Autograph (WRB-12)Vera Folkine11th May 1936Queen's Garth25126
Autograph (WRB-12)Michael Folkine, Ballet11th May 1936Queen's Garth25127
Autograph (WRB-12)Jasmine Bligh, One of the First 3 TV Presenters23rd May 1936Queen's Garth25252
Autograph (WRB-12)James Dale Cassels, Politician30th May 1936Queen's Garth25276
Autograph (WRB-12)Bernard Henry Spilsbury, Pathologist30th May 1936Queen's Garth25294
Autograph (WRB-12)George Orsborne, Skipper of the Trawler "Girl Pat" - arrested and imprisoned20th June 1936Queen's Garth25363
Autograph (WRB-12)Florence Orsborne, Related to George Orsborne20th June 1936Queen's Garth25364
Autograph (WRB-12)James Orsborne, Brother of George Orsborne20th June 1936Queen's Garth25365
Autograph (WRB-12)Margaret Orsborne, Related to George Orsborne20th June 1936Queen's Garth25366
Autograph (WRB-12)Dorothy Orsborne, Related to George Orsborne20th June 1936Queen's Garth25367
Autograph (WRB-12)Alexander Orsborne, Related to George Orsborne20th June 1936Queen's Garth25368
Autograph (WRB-12)Jamesina Orsborne, Related to George Orsborne20th June 1936Queen's Garth25369
Autograph (WRB-12)John Victor Macmillan, Bishop of Guildford20th June 1936Queen's Garth25378
Autograph (WRB-12)Drusilla Wills, Actress27th June 1936Queen's Garth25395
Autograph (WRB-12)Idris Daniels27th June 1936Queen's Garth25398
Autograph (WRB-12)Harry Evans11th July 1936Queen's Garth25469
Autograph (WRB-12)Bruno Walter, Conductor and Composer18th July 1936Queen's Garth25502
Autograph (WRB-12)Audrey Hyslop, Author25th July 1936Queen's Garth25531
Autograph (WRB-12)Harry August Jansen, Dante the Magician15th August 1936Queen's Garth25698
Autograph (WRB-12)Cyril James Ball22nd August 1936Queen's Garth25710
Autograph (WRB-13)General Vuillemin, Chief of French Air Force11th September 1936Queen's Garth25761
Autograph (WRB-13)S Dobson Hopper12th September 1936Queen's Garth25835
Autograph (WRB-13)Admiral Sir Herbert Richmond, Prominent Naval Officer3rd October 1936Queen's Garth26027
Autograph (WRB-13)Frederick Thomas Bason, Author and Broadcaster10th October 1936Queen's Garth26038
Autograph (WRB-13)Alistair Cooke, Broadcaster ("Letter From America")10th October 1936Queen's Garth26069
Autograph (WRB-13)Ann Driver, Composer10th October 1936Queen's Garth26071
Autograph (WRB-13)Tom Walls, Actor28th October 1936Queen's Garth26180
Autograph (WRB-13)Bessie Lode31st October 1936Queen's Garth26188
Autograph (WRB-12)Ben Lyons and Bebe Daniels31st October 1936Queen's Garth26203
Autograph (WRB-13)Walter Pitchford31st October 1936Queen's Garth26210
Autograph (WRB-13)Florence Horsbrugh, History Making Woman MP and Minister3rd November 1936Queen's Garth26212
AutographEddie Pola, Actor14th November 1936Queen's Garth26288
Autograph (WRB-13)Franz Osborn, Pianist14th November 1936Queen's Garth26296
Autograph (WRB-12)Howard Marion Crawford, Actor14th November 1936Queen's Garth26334/5
Autograph (WRB-13)Tom Clark, Engine Driver of "Princess Elizabeth" - record run19th November 1936Queen's Garth26385
Autograph (WRB-13)Charles Fleet, Fireman of "Princess Elizabeth" - record run19th November 1936Queen's Garth26386
Autograph (WRB-13)Antonio Magaz, Spanish Politician - Franco's "Man"20th November 1936Queen's Garth26388
Autograph (WRB-13)Admiral Sir Dudley Pound, First Sea Lord during WWII26th November 1936Queen's Garth26434
Autograph (WRB-12)Florence Mayo26th November 1936Queen's Garth26435
Autograph (WRB-13)Prunella Stack, Fitness Expert5th December 1936Queen's Garth26482
Autograph (WRB-13)Ike Hatch, American Recording Artist12th December 1936Queen's Garth26501
Autograph (WRB-13)Marie Dayne12th December 1936Queen's Garth26509
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