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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Autograph (WRB-12)Eddie Cantor, American Actor, Singer, Comedian4th January 1935Queen's Garth22491
Autograph (WRB-12)Henry Bronkhurst, Pianist and Trio Leader4th January 1935Queen's Garth22495
Autograph (WRB-12)Bertram Mills, Circus Owner15th January 1935Queen's Garth22521
Autograph (WRB-12)Stephen Thomas, Organist26th January 1935Queen's Garth22570
Autograph (WRB-12)Sybil Evers, Opera Singer, Wife of Harold Abrahams2nd February 1935Queen's Garth22627
Autograph (WRB-12)Marie Rodker, Contralto16th February 1935Queen's Garth22671
Autograph (WRB-12)Michael Head, Composer, Singer, Organist and Pianist16th February 1935Queen's Garth22673
Autograph (WRB-12)Laelia Finneberg, Singer4th March 1935Queen's Garth22723
Autograph (WRB-12)Josephine Bradley, Ballroom Dancer14th March 1935Queen's Garth22739
Autograph (WRB-12)Gaby Valle, Soprano23rd March 1935Queen's Garth22784
Autograph (WRB-12)A Hanley Lawrence, Organist23rd March 1935Queen's Garth22791
Autograph (WRB-12)Flora Woodman, Soprano15th April 1935Queen's Garth22898
Autograph (WRB-12)Miriam Benham, Contralto20th April 1935Queen's Garth22915
Autograph (WRB-12)Mabel Sully, Pianoforte20th April 1935Queen's Garth22934
Autograph (WRB-12)Eugenia Leontovich, Russian Actress and Playwright20th April 1935Queen's Garth22940
Autograph (WRB-12)Bhupinder Singh, Maharajah of Patiala and Captain of Indian Cricket Team4th April 1935Queen's Garth23016
Autograph (WRB-12)Leslie Banks, Actor5th May 1935Queen's Garth23027
Autograph (WRB-12)Stanley G Jupp9th May 1935Queen's Garth23043
Autograph (WRB-12)Esme Percy, Actor11th May 1935Queen's Garth23062
Autograph (WRB-12)Myrna Loy21st May 1935Queen's Garth23085
Autograph (WRB-12)5 Lighthouse Keepers at Anstruther Lighthouse25th May 1935Queen's Garth23114
Autograph (WRB-12)Watford Davies, Composer28th May 1935Queen's Garth23120
Autograph (WRB-12)Joseph Caillaux, French Finance Minister4th June 1935Queen's Garth23147
Autograph (WRB-12)Flora Robson8th June 1935Queen's Garth23164
Autograph (WRB-12)Kenneth Lindsay, MP for Kilmarnock21st June 1935Queen's Garth23233
Autograph (WRB-12)Thelma Reiss, Cellist29th June 1935Queen's Garth23289
Autograph (WRB-12)A D Nourse and E A B Rowan, Touring South African Cricket Team29th June 1935Queen's Garth23349
Autograph (WRB-12)Ken Viljoen and R J Williams, Touring South African Cricket Team29th June 1935Queen's Garth23351
Autograph (WRB-12)C Langton, Touring South African Cricket Team29th June 1935Queen's Garth23352
Autograph (WRB-12)R J Crisp and E A B Rowan, Touring South African Cricket Team29th June 1935Queen's Garth23353
Autograph (WRB-12)H B Cameron, Touring South African Cricket Team29th June 1935Queen's Garth23354
Autograph (WRB-12)X C Balaskas, Touring South African Cricket Team29th June 1935Queen's Garth23356
Autograph (WRB-12)Alex Bell and Eric Dalton, Touring South African Cricket Team29th June 1935Queen's Garth23358
Autograph (WRB-12)D Tomlinson, Touring South African Cricket Team29th June 1935Queen's Garth23360
Autograph (WRB-12)Edward W Chard6th July 1935Queen's Garth23378
Autograph (WRB-12)Loretta Young, Actress6th July 1935Queen's Garth23384
Autograph (WRB-12)Eric Portman, Actor13th July 1935Queen's Garth23430
Autograph (WRB-12)Carole Lombard, Actress25th July 1935Queen's Garth23512
Autograph (WRB-12)Cuthbert Keately?27th July 1935Queen's Garth23515
AutographF Lionel Johns, Orchestra Leader12th August 1935Queen's Garth23599
AutographJenny Howard, Actress15th August 1935Queen's Garth23639
Autograph (WRB-12)Harcourt Williams, Actor27th August 1935Queen's Garth23728
Autograph (WRB-12)Bert Coote, Actor27th August 1935Queen's Garth23732
Autograph (WRB-12)Evelyn Hardy, Author30th August 1935Queen's Garth23773
Autograph (WRB-12)Mary Sheridan14th September 1935Queen's Garth23829
Autograph (WRB-12)R C Mansfield14th September 1935Queen's Garth23840
Autograph (WRB-12)Aubrey Mather, Actor18th September 1935Queen's Garth23865
AutographDorothy Tetley, Actress19th September 1935Queen's Garth23869
Autograph (WRB-12)Herbert Farjeon, Dramatist and Playwright19th September 1935Queen's Garth23876
Autograph (WRB-12)Sir Malcom Campbell, Holder of World Land Speed Record21st September 1935Queen's Garth23916
AutographGeorge Graves, Actor4th October 1935Queen's Garth23965
AutographJane Cass5th October 1935Queen's Garth24009
Autograph (WRB-12)Jean Muir, American Actress19th October 1935Queen's Garth24146
Autograph (WRB-12)Tom Walls, Actor19th October 1935Queen's Garth24147
Autograph (WRB-12)Sophie Stewart, Actress19th October 1935Queen's Garth24161
Autograph (WRB-12)Leonard Isaacs, Composer and Conductor26th October 1935Queen's Garth24199
AutographStanford Robinson9th November 1935Queen's Garth24286
Autograph (WRB-12)Reginald Tate, Actor (Quatermass)11th November 1935Queen's Garth24297
Autograph (WRB-12)Anne Ziegler, Actress and Singer11th November 1935Queen's Garth24300
Autograph (WRB-12)Jill Wyndham12th November 1935Queen's Garth24309
Autograph (WRB-12)David W Llewellyn12th November 1935Queen's Garth24310
Autograph (WRB-12)Carlos Ames, Harpist14th November 1935Queen's Garth24310
Autograph (WRB-12)Collie Knox, Author and Journalist30th November 1935Queen's Garth24450
Autograph (WRB-12)Dr Kurbs, Author of "Die Deutsche Luftwaffe"4th December 1935Queen's Garth24465
Autograph (WRB-12)Charles de Chambrun, French Ambassador to Italy13th December 1935Queen's Garth24509
Autograph (WRB-12)Dorothy Hogben, Composer (song writer)28th December 1935Queen's Garth24604
Autograph (WRB-12)Ernest William Sibbald Treacy, Musical Director28th December 1935Queen's Garth24606
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