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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
AutographReverend Edward Collett, producer of Bowerchalke's parish newspaper "Collett's Farthing Newspaper"18th June 1910Queenswood Road10172
Autograph (WRB-6)William R Holt, Daily Mail Special Correspondent20th December 1910 Queenswood Road10268
Autograph (WRB-6)Colonel Bruland, French Forces13th May 1911Queenswood Road10346
Autograph (WRB-6)Andrew Fisher, Prime Minister of Australia17th May 1911Queenswood Road10360
AutographAddressed to "The Commander, HMS Temeraire, Admiralty Office, SW". Signed by the (unidentified) Captain23rd August 1911Queenswood Road10448
AutographAnna Pavlova27th April 1912Queen's Garth10506/521
Autograph (WRB-7)Mr & Mrs Jones, "The Queen Came to Tea"1st July 1912Queen's Garth10582
Autograph (WRB-7)Four different Canadian Cabinet Ministers5th July 1912Queen's Garth10585
Autograph (WRB-8)Sergey Sazonoff, Russian Foreign Minister26th September 1912Queen's Garth10659
Autograph (WRB-8)D.A.G. Brown, Winner of 10005th December 1912Queen's Garth10782
Autograph (WRB-8) Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler, Author9th December 1912Queen's Garth10783
Autograph (WRB-8)Sir Frank Crisp, Lawyer and Botanist6th January 1913Queen's Garth10846
Autograph (WRB-8)Marquis de Breteuil, G.V.C.O., France4th February 1913Queen's Garth10858
Autograph (WRB-8)Valdemar Poulson, Danish Engineer who made significant contributions to early radio technology5th April 1913Queen's Garth10917
Autograph (WRB-8)Claude "Jock" Wise, amateur sculling champion14th July 1913 Queens Garth10987
Autograph (WRB-8)Harry Hawker, Transatlantic Pilot8th September 1913Queens Garth11015
Autograph (WRB-8)Anna Brennan, Lady Barrister29th January 1914Queen's Garth11080
Autograph (WRB-8)Verner von Heidenstam, Nobel Prize Winner14th February 1914Queen's Garth11086
Autograph (WRB-8)J.J. Dallas, Actor4th March 1914Queen's Garth11112
Autograph (WRB-8)JLC Jenkins, Golf Player30th March 1914Queen's Garth11147
Autograph (WRB-8)Chick Evans, Golf Player19th May 1914Queen's Garth11250
Autograph (WRB-8)James Sherlock, Golf Player20th May 1914Queen's Garth11260
Autograph (WRB-8)Major-General Sir Francis-Lloyd10th August 1914Queen's Garth11351
Autograph (WRB-8)Lieutenant-General Sir A.E. Codrington commander of the London District Division and formerly the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards during the Boer War25th August 1914Queen's Garth11394
Autograph (WRB-8)Sir Francis Hyde Villiers, British Minister, Belgium21st October 1914Queen's Garth11528
Autograph (WRB-8)Klobubowski, French Ambassador to Belgium26th October 1914Queen's Garth11557
Autograph (WRB-9)Ferdinando Martini, First (Italian) Civilian Governor of Eritrea18th June 1915 Queen's Garth12119
Autograph (WRB-9)L. Lorsi1st October 1915Queen's Garth12319
Autograph (WRB-9)M Dragoumis, Greek Finance Minister9th October 1915Queen's Garth12325
Autograph (WRB-9)Sir Alfred Horsford Bingley, military commander of Indian troops1st November 1915Queen's Garth12380
Autograph (WRB-9)General Yakov Zhilinski, Chief of the Russian Mission, 2nd Inter-Allied Conference, Paris, 19158th December 1915Queen's Garth12459
Autograph (WRB-9)Lord Montagu of Beaulieu20th January 1916Queen's Garth12516
Autograph (WRB-9)Captain Martin, allowed Zeppelin crew to drown6th February 1916Queen's Garth12534
Autograph (WRB-9)Alfred Dallolio, Regent Generale, Italy30th March 1916Queen's Garth12562
Autograph (WRB-9)Adjutant-General Aleksi Nikolaevich Kuropatkin, Russian Imperial Minister of War19th April 1916Queen's Garth12585
Autograph (WRB-9)General Joseph Gauderique Aymerich, Military Commander of the French Cameroons26th June 1916Queen's Garth12875
Autograph (WRB-9)Rennie MacInnes, Bishop12th July 1916Queen's Garth12766
Autograph (WRB-9)L. Verber?, Vice-Admiral23rd November 1916Queen's Garth12978
Autograph (WRB-9)Major General Sir Andrew Russell30th January 1917Queen's Garth13052
Autograph (WRB-9)Augusta Neilson, Registrar2nd March 1917Queen's Garth13101
Autograph (WRB-9)Nicholas Michailovitch, President of the Roman Imperial Historical Geographical Society24th March 1917 Queen's Garth13142
Autograph (WRB-9)Michael Butler, Columbra University, New York30th April 1917Queen's Garth13214
Autograph (WRB-9)J.M. Carson, Canada26th May 1917Queen's Garth13263
Autograph (WRB-9)General Fernando Tamagnini de Abreu e Silva, Portugese General13th July 1917Queen's Garth13336
Autograph (WRB-9)Rev J. Tunstall30th November 1917Queen's Garth13513
AutographMajor-General LJ Bois, captured Jerusalem and became Military Governor of Palestine12th January 1918Queen's Garth13593
AutographSir Ronald Storrs, British diplomat and Governor of Jerusalem14th January 1918Queen's Garth13596
Autograph (WRB-9)Motono Ichiro, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan2nd February 1918Queen's Garth13641/676
Autograph (WRB-9)Major-General William Crozier, US Army Chief of Ordnance9th February 1918Queen's Garth13662
Autograph (WRB-9)General Burnett, commander of miltary section in Clare, Ireland4th March 1918Queen's Garth13680
AutographJ Hamilton Brown, commander of a motor launch at the Zeebrugge Raid in 191826th April 1918Queen's Garth13733
Autograph (WRB-9)Torrey H. Webb, 1st Lt. Sig., RCHS, USA18th May 1918Queen's Garth13770
AutographN Carroll, engineer on HMS Vindictive - won DSO for Zeebrugge and Ostend raids19th May 1918Queen's Garth13781
Autograph (WRB-10)E. Robinson, ex Met Police Constable24th May 1918Queen's Garth13795
Autograph (WRB-10)L. Eihho, Italy26th May 1918Queen's Garth13809
Autograph (WRB-10)Arthur Meighen, Prime Minister of Canada26th May 1918Queen's Garth13811
Autograph (WRB-9)Eddie Rickenbacker, American WWI Fighter Ace18th June 1918Queen's Garth13840
Autograph (WRB-10)John Riddle, Major-General, U.S. National Army26th June 1918Queen's Garth13853
Autograph (WRB-10)William Shakespeare Burton, artist famous for "The Wounded Cavalier"16th September 1918Queen's Garth14059
Autograph (WRB-10)Don Prospero Colonna, Mayor of Rome, Italy24th September 1918Queen's Garth14073
Autograph (WRB-10)Ali Rida el Rikabi, Arab Military Governer of Damascus1st November 1918Queen's Garth14150
Autograph (WRB-10)C R Cooke-Taylor6th December 1918Queen's Garth14336
Autograph (WRB-10)Maharajah of Bikaner, member of British War Cabinet9th December 1918Queen's Garth14358
Autograph (WRB-10)Robert A. Bartlett30th December 1918Queen's Garth14423
Autograph (WRB-10)George Cartwright, Australian who was awarded the Victoria Cross31st December 1918Queen's Garth14455
Autograph (WRB-10)Mr. Antonio Sanchez de Bustamante, Dean of the Faculty of Law in the University of Havana, President of the Cuban Society of International Law, Cuban representative at the Versailles Peace Treaty 19199th February 1919Queen's Garth14893
Autograph (WRB-10)Ernest Newton RA, Architect29th April 1919Queen's Garth14780
Autograph (WRB-10)Ensign H.C. Rodd, USA, Wireless Operator4th June 1919Queen's Garth14893
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