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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Autograph (WRB-11a)Vesta Tilley, music hall star13th January 1920Queen's Garth15078/83
Autograph (WRB-11a)Oscar Mathisen29th January 1920Queen's Garth15100
Autograph (WRB-11a)Tameo Kajiyama, the Japanese "Miracle Mind"7th August 1920Queen's Garth15261
Autograph (WRB-11a)James Buchanan, Whisky manufacturer19th September 1920Queen's Garth15301
Autograph (WRB-11a)General Gaucher, French general who occupied Dusseldorf11th March 1921Queen's Garth15385
Autograph (WRB-11a)W J Hunter, British Amateur Golf Champion24th May 1921Queen's Garth15413
Autograph (WRB-11a)Myra Hess29th March 1922Queen's Garth15566/70
Autograph (WRB-11a)Joyce Wethered, Greatest British Woman Golfer20th May 1922Queen's Garth15603
Autograph (WRB-11a)Suzanne Lenglen, Wimbledon Champion1st July 1922Queen's Garth15638
Autograph (WRB-11a)Nadyda Stancioff, Bulgarian Diplomat14th July 1922Queen's Garth15758
Autograph (WRB-11a)Frank Ashman, The Human Almanac5th August 1922Queen's Garth15795
Autograph (WRB-11a)Sir Charles Harington Harington, Commander-in-Chief12th October 1922Queen's Garth15869
Autograph (WRB-11a)Edward C Moore, Lord Mayor of London 19229th November 1922Queen's Garth15883
Autograph (WRB-11a)Carrie Morrison, First Woman Solicitor2nd December 1922Queen's Garth15885
Personalised PPCRequest for payment for (railway) tickets sent some weeks ago11th December 1922Queen's Garth
Autograph (WRB-11a)Ugo Mochi, Italian Artist1st May 1923Queen's Garth15975
Autograph (WRB-11a)Stanley Lupino, Actor, Dancer, Singer14th May 1923Queen's Garth15982
Autograph (WRB-11a)Miss D Grasty22nd May 1923Queen's Garth16005
Autograph (WRB-11b)P. de Margerie, French Ambassador to Germany12th September 1923Queen's Garth16117
Autograph (WRB-11a)Andrew Thomson, Survivor of Redding Pit Disaster6th October 1923Queen's Garth16155
Autograph (WRB-11b)Ben Tillett, Labour MP (North Salford)12th January 1924Queen's Garth16179
Autograph (WRB-11b)George Lansbury, Labour MP (Bow and Bromley)12th January 1924Queen's Garth16180
Autograph (WRB-11a)Ishbel MacDonald, Daughter of Ramsey MacDonald24th January 1924Queen's Garth16206
Autograph (WRB-11a)Ramsey MacDonald, British Prime Minister8th February 1924Queen's Garth16214
Autograph (WRB-11a)Nicolae Titulescu, President of League of Nations10th May 1924Queen's Garth16336
Autograph (WRB-11a)Ecaterina Titulescu, Wife of Nicolae Titulescu10th May 1924Queen's Garth16335
Autograph (WRB-11a)Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges, Adventurer10th May 1924Queen's Garth16339
Autograph (WRB-11b)"Tad" Baines7th June 1924Queen's Garth16353
Autograph (WRB-11a)Bonnie McCarroll, Girl Rodeo Star7th June 1924Queen's Garth16354
Autograph (WRB-11b)Ogimoyi, Woodcarver21st June 1924 Queen's Garth16388
Autograph (WRB-11b)James Barry Munnik Hertzog, Boer General in the second Boer War and, from 1924 to 1939, Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa14th July 1924 Queen's Garth16388
Autograph (WRB-11a)Leah Kirt, Famous for visiting Jerusalem18th July 1924Queen's Garth16500
Autograph (WRB-11a)Rachel Kokia, Famous for visiting Jerusalem18th July 1924Queen's Garth16501
Autograph (WRB-11a)John Cowley, First man to fire up Stephenson's Rocket30th July 1924Queen's Garth16520
Autograph (WRB-11b)Streseman, Chancellor of Germany6th August 1924Queen's Garth16524
Autograph (WRB-11b)Emile Schaer, Astronomer at the Geneva Observatory21st August 1924Queen's Garth16530
Autograph (WRB-11b)Jackie Coogan10th September 1924Queen's Garth16535
Autograph (WRB-11a)Alfred Bower, Lord Mayor of London22nd November 1924Queen's Garth16563
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