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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, The Castle, Dolwyddelen, Carnarvonshire"1st January 1904Devonshire Road2862
Information RequestAddressed to "The Chief Resident, The Castle, Ewell, Surrey"1st January 1904Devonshire Road2866
Autograph (WRB-2)Ernest John Harrison, War Correspondent11th January 1904Devonshire Road2898
Autograph (WRB-2)T.E. Dunville, London Pavilion12th January 1904Devonshire Road2905
Autograph (WRB-2)Matt "Gunner" Reilly, Irish international goalkeeper22nd January 1904Devonshire Road2952
AutographLord Derby25th January 1904Devonshire Road2974
Autograph (WRB-2)Clementine Delait, French Bearded Lady and Cafe Keeper26th January 1904
Devonshire Road2978
AutographRobert S McColl, Scottish Centre Forward27th January 1904Devonshire Road2987
AutographHenry Hadfield Cubley, Artist (and painter of the picture on the postcard)29th January 1904Devonshire Road2996
Autograph (WRB-2)Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny, Military Adventurer and Sportsman5th February 1904Devonshire Road3031
Autograph (WRB-2)H. Cholmondeley Pennell, Cartoonist6th February 1904Devonshire Road3038
AutographVice Admiral Uriu, Russo-Japanese War11th February 1904Devonshire Road3114
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Parish Church, Bishopwearmouth20th February 1904Devonshire Road3187
AutographAlbert Christian, Baritone, D'Oyly Carte22nd February 1904Devonshire Road3261
Challenging address (WRB-3)Addressed to "The Chief Resident, Port O'Ness, near Stornoway"22nd February 1904 Devonshire Road3270
Autograph (WRB-3)Lieutenant Commander Kozo Sato, Imperial Japanese Navy24th February 1904Devonshire Road3272
Autograph (WRB-3)Peter McAlister, Australian Test Cricketer27th February 1904Devonshire Road3284
AutographLieutenant Commander Karivaieff, Russo-Japanese War29th February 1904Devonshire Road3287
Autograph (WRB-3)Reverend W H Gillespie, Missionary, Russo-Japanese War1st March 1904 Devonshire Road3307
Autograph (WRB-3)H.H. Munro (Saki), Author3rd March 1904Devonshire Road3337
Autograph (WRB-3)Minozi Asakawa, Japanese Consul General8th March 1904Devonshire Road3375
Autograph (WRB-3)Louis Pauliat, Senator of Cher, France17th March 1904
Devonshire Road3404
Autograph (WRB-3)Obata Yukichi, Japanese Legation17th March 1904Devonshire Road3444
Autograph (WRB-3)Captain Chikakata, Japanese Naval Attache18th March 1904Devonshire Road3446
Autograph (WRB-3)Satotsugu Ukita, Chancellor of japanese Legation18th March 1904Devonshire Road3450
Autograph (WRB-3)Dimitrios G. Metaxas, Greek Ambassador18th March 1904Devonshire Road3454
Information RequestAdressed to The Proprietor, Hole in the Wall Inn, Chepstow21st March 1904Devonshire Road3484
Information RequestAdressed to The Proprietor, "The Black Bull", York26th March 1904Devonshire Road3487
AutographFrank Griffith, Mayor of Bromley1st April 1904Devonshire Road3504
AutographDouglas M. Young, Daily Express War Correspondent (request sent in February, returned in April)4th April 1904Devonshire Road3165
Autograph (WRB-3)Captain Shinger, Alexandra Palace6th April 1904Devonshire Road3534
Autograph (WRB-3)Dudley W.A. Barton, Alexandra Palace6th April 1904Devonshire Road3535
Autograph (WRB-3)General Lozanchev, Macedonia8th April 1904Devonshire Road3529
Autograph (WRB-3)Constantine Goubastoff, Russian Embassy11th April 1904Devonshire Road3540
Autograph (WRB-4)Mrs Bursnall, 100 years old14th April 1904Devonshire Road3563
Autograph (WRB-4)Musurus Pasha, Turkish Ambassador16th April 1904Devonshire Road3574
Autograph (WRB-4)Mrs Lucinda Newman, 100 years old16th April 1904Devonshire Road3590
Information RequestAdressed to The Chief Occupier of the house (as per photo), Llandaff, near Cardiff21st April 1904Devonshire Road3619
Information RequestAdressed to The Chief Resident of the old house (marked x in photo), Shewsbury21st April 1904Devonshire Road3621
Autograph (WRB-4)Captain Kaburaki, Russo-Japanese War21st April 1904Devonshire Road3624
Information RequestAdressed to The Pensioner, (see in photo over), Royal Hospital, Chelsea22nd April 1904Devonshire Road3636
Autograph (WRB-4)Anita Newcombe McGee, Russo-Japanese War26th April 1904Devonshire Road3659
Information RequestAdressed to "The Keeper, The Castle, Lincoln"28th April 1904Devonshire Road3684
Information RequestAdressed to "The Chief Resident of the House (marked X in photo), Friar Street, Worcester28th April 1904Devonshire Road3685
Information RequestAdressed to "The Head Master, Owen's College, Manchester"29th April 1904Devonshire Road3697
AutographBasil Gill, Actor6th May 1904Devonshire Road3744
AutographOluf Olsen, Russo-Japanese WarMay 1904Devonshire Road3748
AutographSigned by the captain (H Petroff) of the Russian warship "Krabri" that had intercepted the P&O liner, "Osiris"May 1904Devonshire Road3756
Autograph (WRB-4)John Rankin, oldest bellringer in England9th May 1904Devonshire Road3757
Autograph (WRB-4)Ernest T. Hooley, Arrested for Fraud11th May 1904Devonshire Road3772
Autograph (WRB-4)Louise Joseph Tancred, South African Cricketer21st May 1904Devonshire Road3822
Autograph (WRB-4)Gordon Charles White, South African Cricketer22nd May 1904Devonshire Road3843
AutographRichmond Gas Stove & Meter Co25th May 1904Devonshire Road3853
Information RequestAdressed to "The Head Master, The College, Cheltenham"27th May 1904Devonshire Road3858
Information RequestAdressed to "The Rector, Parish Church, Folkestone"27th May 1904Devonshire Road3860
Information RequestAdressed to "The Rector, Fetteresso Church, Stonehaven"28th May 1904Devonshire Road3871
Information RequestAdressed to "Innkeeper, Dunnottar Castle, Near Stonehaven"28th May 1904Devonshire Road3876
Information RequestThe Driver of Locomotive No. 7338th June 1904Devonshire Road
Information RequestAdressed to "The Head Mistress, Ladies College, Cheltenham"19th June 1904Devonshire Road4013
Information RequestAdressed to "The Proprietor, The Dolphin Inn, Derby"23rd June 1904Devonshire Road3999
Information RequestAdressed to "The Fisherman (as seen in photo over), Fishermen's Cottages, Stonehaven"23rd June 1904Devonshire Road4023
Autograph (WRB-4)Minister Chang, Russo-Japanese War30th June 1904Devonshire Road4034
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