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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Autograph (WRB-4)Admiral von Koester, German Fleet12th July 1904Devonshire Road4066
Autograph RequestSigned by William Grylls Addison, Artist27th July 1904Devonshire Road4111
AutographWalter Mead, Essex County Cricketer27th July 1904Devonshire Road4116
Information RequestAdressed to "The Chief Resident, The Garden, Knole, Kent"28th July 1904Devonshire Road4129
Autograph (WRB-4)Captain Takeshita, Russo-Japanese War29th July 1904Devonshire Road4132
Information RequestAdressed to "The Secretary, St. Peter's Hospital, Bristol"30th July 1904Devonshire Road4144
AutographSigned and returned by Captain R. Yashiro of the Japanese cruiser "Asama" on 5th OctoberAugust 1904Devonshire Road4161
Autograph (WRB-4)Bill Bailey, With the Gout in Both Feet12th August 1904Devonshire Road4201
Information RequestAdressed to "The Rector, St. Anne's Church, Buxton17th August 1904Devonshire Road4218
Information RequestThe Chief Resident, Old Farm House, Lee on the Solent2nd September1904Devonshire Road4283
AutographSigned by W.P. Burton, America's Cup captain10th September1904Devonshire Road4299
Autograph (WRB-4)Shimose Masachika, Japanese inventor of Shimose (gun)powder12th September 1904Devonshire Road4304
Autograph (WRB-4)Bill Bailey (a different one), Sick of Vulgar Liberty16th September 1904Devonshire Road4314
Information RequestAdressed to "The Rector, St. Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol"17th September 1904Devonshire Road4323
Information RequestAdressed to "The Rector, Parish Church, Uttoxeter, Kent"28th September 1904Devonshire Road4351
Information RequestAdressed to "The Rector, House with old Rectory Arch, Evesham"6th October 1904Devonshire Road4379
Autograph RequestSigned by H. Marks6th October 1904Devonshire Road4380
Information RequestAdressed to "The Owner, Elm Cottage, Hayes Common, Kent"8th October 1904Devonshire Road4395
Information RequestAdressed to "The Chief Resident, Weston Farm, Totland, Isle of Wight"8th October 1904Devonshire Road4396
Information RequestAdressed to "The Owner, Tennyson's Home, Farringford, Freshwater, Isle of Wight", signed by Hallam Tennyson, son of Alfred Tennyson8th October 1904Devonshire Road4397
Information RequestAddressed to "The Secretary, Cambridge Hospital, Aldershot"10th October 1904Devonshire Road4400
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, Oystermouth Castle, Mumbles, Near Swansea"14th October 1904Devonshire Road4433
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, Whittington Castle, Oswestry"17th October 1904Devonshire Road4444
Autograph RequestSigned by Sir William Henry Houldsworth, MP31st October 1904Devonshire Road4524
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, Sweetheart Abbey, Dumfries"5th November 1904Devonshire Road4544
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, Valle Crucis Abbey, Near Llangollen"5th November 1904Devonshire Road4545
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, The Abbey, Melrose"5th November 1904Devonshire Road4546
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, The Abbey, Jedburgh"8th November 1904Devonshire Road4557
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Brewer's Hall, Bristol"8th November 1904Devonshire Road4558
Information RequestAddressed to "The Pier Master, The Pier, Penarth"9th November 1904Devonshire Road4565
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, King John's Tower, Newark on Trent"10th November 1904Devonshire Road4564
Autograph (WRB-4)John William Awdry, Rev Lord Bishop, South Tokyo11th November 1904Devonshire Road4571
Information RequestAddressed to "The Chief Resident, The Moat, Wells"12th November 1904Devonshire Road4577
Autograph RequestSigned by Joseph Hewson, Mayor of Grimsby19th November 1904Devonshire Road4583
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Parish Church, Frome"13th December 1904Devonshire Road4620
Information RequestAddressed to "The Head Master, Emmanuel College, Cambridge"20th December 1904Devonshire Road4630
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