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ImageTypeItemDateOther ImagesReginald's addressCard No
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Brimpton Mill, Brimpton, Berks" 1st January 1907Devonshire Road7493
Information RequestAddressed to "The Curator and Chief Librarian, Art Gallery & Library, Auckland, New Zealand" 2nd January 1907Devonshire Road7505
Autograph (WRB-5)Alderman Sam Cresswell and Catharine Cresswell 10th January 1907 Devonshire Road7543
AutographSigned by Sir Frederick Albert Bosanquet, Common Serjeant of London 11th January 1907Devonshire Road7569
Autograph (WRB-5)The Principal Keeper, Maplin Lighthouse17th January 1907Devonshire Road7618
Autograph (WRB-5)Edward Marto Borrajo, Guildhall Librarian19th January 1907Devonshire Road7625
Information RequestAddressed to "The Principal Keeper, Penmon Lighthouse, near Beaumaris" 15th March 1907Devonshire Road8401
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, The Cathedral, Iona, via Oban, N.B." 25th March 1907Devonshire Road8434
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, Belfield Hotel, Windermere" 6th April 1907Devonshire Road8452
Autograph (WRB-5)James Brackley, British Army in India15th April 1907Devonshire Road8480
Autograph (WRB-5)Frederick Moor, Prime Minister of Natal17th April 1907Devonshire Road8485
Autograph (WRB-5)Marion Theodora Moor, daughter of Frederick Moor22nd April 1907Devonshire Road8504
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, Cannon St Hotel, Cannon St. E.C."9th May 1907Devonshire Road8535
Information RequestAddressed to "The Principal Keeper, Sellick Bay Lighthouse, Near Bridlington" 20th May 1907Devonshire Road8580
AutographSigned by Geoffrey Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 18th Baron Saye and Sele 20th May 1907Devonshire Road8581
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, "New Inn", Gloucester" 23rd May 1907Devonshire Road8588
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, "The Bell", Stilton, near Peterborough" 23rd May 1907Devonshire Road8589
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, "The Feathers", Ludlow" 23rd May 1907Devonshire Road8593
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, "The George", Huntingdon" 23rd May 1907Devonshire Road8594
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, Ferry Hotel, Windermere" 15th June1907Devonshire Road8677
Information RequestAddressed to "The Proprietor, Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge, Near Lakeside, Windermere" 15th June1907Devonshire Road8678
AutographProfessor Georgios Streit, Greek delegate at the Hague Peace Conference27th June 1907 Devonshire Road8748
AutographAddressed to "Rear-Admiral George Neville CVO, HMS Good Hope, Admiralty Office, London". Signed by Neville29th June 1907Devonshire Road8752
AutographAddressed to "Rear-Admiral Charles Grey Robinson, HMS Empress of India, Admiralty Office, London". Signed by Robinson29th June 1907Devonshire Road8753
AutographAddressed to "Rear-Admiral E.S. Poe CVO, Black House, Abbeyleix, Queens County". Signed by Poe29th June 1907Devonshire Road8754
AutographAddressed to "Rear-Admiral Richard Poore CVO, HMS Albemarle, Admiralty Office, London". Signed by Poore29th June 1907Devonshire Road8755
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Gedding Hall, Gedding, near Stowmarket, Suffolk" 29th June 1907Devonshire Road8757
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Moreton Hall, near Congleton, Cheshire" 29th June 1907Devonshire Road8759
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, Kentwell Hall, Long Melford, Suffolk" 29th June1907Devonshire Road8760
Autograph (WRB-6)Addressed to "The Lighthouse Keeper, Menai Lighthouse"11th July 1907Devonshire Road8817
Bottle Mail (WRB-6)Thrown into the sea in a bottle - found in Germany20th July 1907"Cousin Nellie"8849
Information RequestAddressed to "The House (as per photo), (Owner), Aston Cantlow, via Birmingham" 20th July 1907Devonshire Road8870
AutographSigned by William Compton, 5th Marquess of Northampton 22nd July 1907Devonshire Road8872
Information RequestAddressed to "The Owner, The Manor, House, Little Wolford, Warwickshire" 26th July 1907Devonshire Road8875
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Kintbury Church, via Hungerford, Berks" 26th July 1907Devonshire Road8877
Autograph (WRB-6)William Callow RWS, FRGS, Artist31st July 1907Devonshire Road8886
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Parish Church, Elstow, Beds" 3rd August 1907Devonshire Road8899
Information RequestAddressed to "The Curator, Boymans Museum, Rotterdam" 11th August 1907Devonshire Road8908
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, Beauchief Abbey, Shefield" 16th August 1907Devonshire Road8926
Autograph (WRB-6)George and Amelia Stace, Mayor and Mayoress of Cambridge16th August 1907Devonshire Road8927
Bottle Mail (WRB-6)Thrown into the sea in a bottle - found in Dorset6th September 1907"Father-in-Law"8956
Balloon Mail (WRB-6)Released from a Balloon - found in SwedenSeptember 1907"Father-in-Law"8973
Bottle Mail (WRB-6)Thrown into the sea in a bottle - found in Winchelsea8th September 1907Devonshire Road8992
Information RequestAddressed to "The Rector, Stoke Church, near Devonport"2nd October 1907Devonshire Road9050
Information RequestAddressed to "The Professor at the Observatory, Ben Nevis, Scotland" 2nd October 1907Devonshire Road9066
Information RequestAddressed to "The Keeper, Kilgerran Castle, Cardinganshire" 4th October 1907Devonshire Road9086
Bottle Mail (WRB-6)Thrown into the sea in a bottle - found in Shetland8th October 1907Devonshire Road9013
Bottle Mail (WRB-6)Thrown into the sea in a bottle - found in Shetland8th October 1907"Father-in-Law"9014
Information RequestAddressed to "The Commander, Training Ship "Hartford", Navy Department, Washington, U.S.A." 15th October 1907Devonshire Road9091
Information RequestAddressed to "The Captain, H.M. The King's Yacht, Cowes, IOW"4th December 1907Devonshire Road9230
Information RequestAddressed to "The Principal Keeper, Start Point Lighthouse, South Coast, England" 25th December 1907Devonshire Road9246
Autograph (WRB-6)Mrs Rose Lamartine Yates, Lady Suffragette, Councillor and Cyclist25th December 1907Devonshire Road9247
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